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Trade-show hostesses, Models, Interpreters. Staff for exhibitions, Promotional events, Meetings, Conferences

We select and provide trade-show hostesses, interpreters, models and qualified staff for exhibitions, meetings and promotional events ALL OVER EUROPE.
Our Network of consultants is active throughout Europe to assist you in all your requirements regarding the conception, realisation and management of exhibition and conference events, and to provide you with operational support in all your below-the-line marketing actions.

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Ubik was born in 2013 as a project for the construction of a European network of professionals and consultants in the communication and marketing sector. Its main objective was to assist and support small and medium-sized Italian businesses in their internationalisation and especially in the organisation of promotional events and campaigns abroad.

A cloud business structure, which takes advantage of new technologies for the sharing of resources and the possibilities offered by current means of communication to bring intelligence and collective know-how together in the solution of all of your operational needs. An innovative way of doing business for companies searching for new markets or new challenges to overcome.

As specialists in recruitment and in the selection of staff abroad for corporate events, we have collaborated with important partners and official providers in national and regional bodies. We find and provide trade-show hostesses and reception staff in the main European capitals and the most important exhibitions circuits in Europe. Promoters for in-store promotional activities and guerilla marketing. Promotional girls for public events. Male and female models for cat-walks and catalogues. Certified interpreters for meetings and conferences. Copywriting, translation and revision of publicity, educational and business materi




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Or you can fill up the form below. Our operators will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

The UBIK Network is active all over Europe.
Our network of professional extends all over Italy and in more than 70 cities abroad. We operate in the main exhibition centres and in all European capitals, guaranteeing the same level of expertise, experience and professionalism wherever we work.

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